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Crispy and Healthy Wholemeal Chicken Pizza

Crispy and Healthy Wholemeal Chicken Pizza

By on February 19, 2016

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like Pizza?

I don’t! Normally, though pizza is linked to unnecessary fat gain and unhealthy fats and a lot of carbs!! Not necessarily!
Today we’re running away from that! No more unhealthy pizza. After today, you will know how to make he perfect crispy and healthy chicken pizza! It’s even wholemeal!

How did we achieve that?

Well, basically we use a wholemeal tortilla wrap for our base and then start building up using a lot of delicious, healthy and fresh ingredients.

Tomato passata and red onions give pizza unbelievable flavour and colour. Additionally, the chicken supplies us with all the protein we need to rest and recover after a strenuous work and gym schedule.


We are all super busy and I know most of you don’t have time to roll and wait for pizza dough so instead, we’re going for a wholemeal tortilla wrap.

Because the wrap is quite thin, the pizza will get very crispy and super delicious!

Check the video and the recipe label down below!


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