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Kitchen Essentials

By on April 11, 2016

Let’s face it, no one is ging to start chopping onions with a fork or blending a smoothie with a knife. We all need appliances and tools in the kitchen which make cooking easier, more enjoyable and are easy to work with! 

On this page, I plan on sharing my favourite kitchen appliances and things that I use to help me cook,prepare and make my dishes.. Everything from blenders to chopping boards – you will be able to find here. Most of these would link to Amazon due to its popularity and ease of use. These are all products that I’ve tried and used in the past or still use to this day. They are not essential and you could probably find cheaper replacements that might do the job just as well but from my experience, using these products has helped me make something delicious one way or another.

So! Here we go


Philips HR2160/50 Blender

Philips HR2160/50 Blender with Pulse and Ice Crush, 600 Watt

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First up on my list is my absolute favourite – The Blender. I have been using this beast for the past 3 years on pretty much a daily basis – sometimes even a few times a day. I’ve used it to crush ice, make smoothies, chop vegetables,nuts and many other purposes. I absolutely feel that if you are serious about getting healthy, a blender is a must. Not only because it’s convenient and quick but also because it’s idiot-free, meaning even clumsy people like myself can use it without chopping their fingers off. As I’ve already said, I’ve been using this Phillips HR2160/50 for ages now and am super happy with it and would definitely recommend it as it’s not super expensive but does an amazing job whether it’s making protein shakes, making salsa or simply grinding oats into crumbs for my healthy chicken nuggets.